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Differents types of training

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The benefits of aquafitness

Aquafitness for all

Differents types of training


Refine your silhouette with gentle fitness

  • Silhouette
  • Gentle fitness

Accessible to all, ideal for group classes or aquatic rehabilitation

  • Group classes
  • Accessible to all
  • Aquatic rehabilitation

Suited to the more sporty profile, ideal for tonic courses with reathletisation

  • Reathletisation
  • Tonic courses

Our different product


At Waterflex, we conceive aquabikes suited to the objectives sought in the training session and to every user's level

Which one suits you?

Selection Guide

Which one suits you?

Selection Guide


Waterflex reinvents sports in the water with a complete selection of equipment aimed at putting together a circuit training session.



Vary your sporting time in the water with our range of accessories, from insulated water bottle to weighted wristbands and foam dumbells.


Our products are developed and designed in France!


Aquafitness or modern aquagym includes all of the water fitness courses. It consists of a practical set of exercices executed with a more intense rythm than that of aquagym. Aquafitness involves different types of accessories (aquabike, treadmill, stepper, elliptical trainer, ...). It consists of a more varied type of sport.

Refined figure

The feeling of lightness in water promotes movements and more dynamic exercices.

Preserved joints

Water's weightlessness and buoyancy properties reduce the effect of chocs when bouncing and preserve joints.

Improved blood flow

Aquabike and Aquafitness exercices create a stir in the water having a massaging effect on the body for improved blood flow.

Adapted resitance

With three types of hydraulic resistance, you are sure to find a Waterflex aquabike made for you and suited to your needs.

To each activity
its aquabike

Customize training session and adapt the effort to the user's capacity.
A large range of equipment and multiple adjustment possibilities afford a wide spectrum of exercices with fast results and recognized performance. Waterflex offer the wides selection of resistances with variable intensities.

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