Our innovations

2020 innovation

Aluminium structure

Your training session organized in a flash!

T6 aluminium that Waterflex uses is of premium quality. It is mainly composed of a magnesium and silicon alloy that can be anodized in order to protect it against corrosion.

25 μm Anodization

Industrial quality


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Aqua Double Speed pedal

Intensify your cardio session!

Made of aluminium and stainless steel, ADS pedals use a new technology to increase resistance for even more sport. The lateral flap folded under the pedal offers ideal resistance at warm-up stage. To boost your training, unfold the flap in order to widen the area in contact with the water and double your effort.

The lateral flap on the Aqua Double Speed pedal locks in a simple gesture and increases hydraulic resistance by 54%.

Gear levers

Bearing-less systems and intensity adjustment in a simple gesture!

Technogear ®

Technogear® technology consists of central lever that activates 2 sets of blades by the crankset. Over three speeds – 0, 1, 2 – these blades are either in neutral or in a unique or twin movement and create a progressive hydraulic resistance.

Technobrake ®

Technobrake® technology bases itself on mechanical resistance and comprises a stainless steel wheel by the aquabike crankset. Activate the central lever and create a stronger pressure on the wheel for adjustable resistance!

Express drainage

Removing the equipment more easily from the swimming pool

Perforation system along the frame for express drainage of the water making the bike lighter when removed from the swimming pool.



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