Product Sheet
Aquabike Elly public pool


Nordic walking in the swimming pool

stainless steel

A complete sport

The Aquatic Elliptical ELLY is a complete training device popular for group aquatraining classes. Coaches and physiotherapists will appreciate the possibility to offer a session that works out the whole body - thighs, calves, buttocks, abdominal belt, arms and shoulders. Users will be won over by its ease of use.

The elliptical trainer in a swimming pool is particularly suitable for people in rehabilitation following a surgical intervention. It promotes better balance as well as better mobility. The Elly combines the benefits of rowing, cross-country skiing, stepper and cycling. It synchronously works out all the muscles of the body. About 80% of the muscles are used during a session! The secret lies in its elliptical motion designed to faithfully reproduce the natural movement of running while limiting impact on the joints.

As a 100% stainless steel equipement, the Elly is compatible with all types of water (salt treatment, chlorinated or bromine water). Its silicone wheels make it very easy to move it around.


  • + Wide pedals with straps
  • + Anti-corrosion treatment
  • + Oscillating lever arms
  • + White stability pads


Metallic parts
Wearing parts
Main Features

Fluidity of movement

With a sealed ball bearing system and an angle of inclination on the pedals promoting optimum leg work, the Elly offers users great fluidity of movement.

Effort is reinforced at upper body level with lever arms with wide perforated blades. These create resistance without blocking or jerking.

Wide pedals with straps & oscillating lever arms

The elliptical cross trainer Elly uses more than 80% of the body's muscles through synchronized movement of the legs and arms.

The wide pedals have a strap that comfortably holds the foot during exercise. Enjoy a session barefoot thanks to the comfort coating.

The Elly's arms oscillate with the movement of the feet. The whole body is in synchronized movement throughout the aquatraining session. It is at the same time the calves, the thighs, the abdominal belt, the shoulders and the arms which are solicited.

Technical characteristics
Reference WX-ELLY
Quality AISI 316L stainless steel
Resistance Oscillating arms with perforated paddles
Adjustable No
Dimensions L 112 x W 56 x H 175 cm
Weight 26 kg
Water depth 1.10 m to 1.50 m