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Aquafitmat public pool


Floating mat for pools


A fun activity

This floating mat is designed to allow all swimming pools to offer a new aquatic activity, without the constraint of water depth or pool shape.

The result of the combined expertise of several yoga, pilates and aquafitness instructors, the Watfit offers you the best of these 3 worlds for workouts based on stability, with several options of difficulty: fun and permanent challenge while respecting postural work and attention focused on the core of the body.

The Aquafitmat inflates like a paddle. It is quickly set up and is designed to be easily attached between two water lines with the attachment kit. This educational mat has been specially designed to use balance.

Designed with your balance in mind

This educational mat has been specially designed to use balance-unbalance. Very educational, its clear and precise marker zones (circle shape) help with movement improvements. In the centre, the logo represents the balance zone (or comfort zone) for starting posture. En centrale, le logo représente la zone d’équilibre (ou zone de confort) pour la position de base.

This unique mat allows the coach to structure his class and facilitate user's learning. The user will appreciate the soft, non-slip EVA surface of the mat, as well as its large width (81 cm), which gives it excellent stability, even for complex yoga postures.

Several Aquafitmats can be clipped together with the many rings and configured in many different ways. And to increase the challenge, clip some water resistance bands to the sides!

Ergonomie Aquafitmat


  • + Double layer drop-stitch technology
  • + Inflated in less than 3 min
  • + Dockage kit
  • + Anti-slip EVA surface


Main Features

Ultra-rigid drop stitch technology

This mat has the benefit of Drop Stitch + Double Skin technology, comprising a mesh of thousands of polyester fibres reinforced by a PVC layer. Extreme rigidity, ideal for overweight people and unrivalled sturdiness.

Educational design

Patterns printed on the covering in EVA allow users to clearly identify workout zones indicated during the class.


Thanks to its many rings, the floating mats interlock with each other and allow multiple configurations. Optionally, clip the aquatic bungees to the edges!

Attachment (dockage) kit
Technical characteristics
Finishes Double layer Drop Stitch technology
Material Nylon reinforced PVC
Dimensions L 220 x W 81 x thickness 12 cm
Max. charge 120 kg
Weight 10 kg
Volume 210 L
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