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My Aqua Fit

Connected 4-in-1 Counter for Aquabiking

Connect your aquabike and measure your performance!

If you're a fan of aquabiking or looking to get started, discover My Aqua Fit, the connected kit designed to optimize your performance.

Combining a smart speedometer, a smartphone holder, and a heart rate armband, My Aqua Fit revolutionizes your aquatic training experience.

The perfect blend of technology and sport.

My Aqua Fit is more than just an accessory for your aquabiking session. It's a connected device incorporating advanced sensors and a smart app to measure and analyze your performance in the water. This provides you with precise data about your training, allowing you to adjust your program according to your personal goals.

The My Aqua Fit kit consists of several essential elements:

  1. Sensor: The sensor is the essential component that records your performance and transmits it to the speedometer.
  2. Speedometer: This compact and waterproof sensor easily attaches to your aquabike's handlebars.
  3. Connected armband: This ergonomic armband comfortably fits around your arm and provides real-time heart rate monitoring.
  4. Smartphone holder: With your smartphone securely in place and within reach, access your data, favorite apps, and music!

Multiple benefits for optimal performance:

Using My Aqua Fit offers numerous advantages for aquabike enthusiasts, regardless of their level of expertise:

  1. Progress tracking: Thanks to the data collected by the connected kit, you can track your progress over time. You'll know exactly how you're improving and identify areas where you can enhance your performance.
  2. Increased motivation: Clear and measurable goals are a great motivator. My Aqua Fit allows you to set challenges, achieve your targets, and push your limits.
  3. Personalized workouts: Based on the information provided by the app, you can adjust your training sessions to perfectly match your needs and goals.
  4. Post-workout analysis: After each session, the app provides a detailed analysis, helping you understand your overall performance and identify areas for improvement.


  • + Complete kit for measuring your performance

  • + Ultra-compact

  • + Compatible with all types of smartphones

  • + IP67 waterproof rating

  • + Compatible with Strava and Zwift applications
Why Choose the My Aqua Fit Kit?

A Smart Speedometer for Precise Tracking

The smart speedometer of My Aqua Fit is the essential tool for measuring your cadence and speed during your aquabiking sessions. It records each pedal stroke, provides real-time data, and allows you to adjust your intensity and optimize your workouts.

The speedometer is easy to install on your aquabike, and it's waterproof, so you can focus on your performance without worrying about splashes.

Innovative Smartphone Holder for Interactive Experience

With the smartphone holder included in the kit, you can turn your phone into a personal coach.

Simply secure your phone in the holder, choose your preferred aquabiking app, and you're ready to access features like training information, challenges, statistics, music, and more.

Track your progress over time, analyze your data, and share your achievements with friends. The holder is adjustable to accommodate various smartphone sizes.

Heart Rate Armband to Monitor Your Heart Rate

Aquabiking is an intense physical activity that engages the cardiovascular system. Thanks to the heart rate armband included in the My Aqua Fit kit, you can monitor your heart rate in real-time during your sessions. Connected wirelessly to the speedometer, the armband records your heart rate data and displays it directly on the speedometer's screen. This allows you to maintain an effort level tailored to your goals, optimize your workouts, and ensure your safety during training.

Join a Connected Aquafitness Community

If you've installed apps like Strava or Zwift, all the data collected by the speedometer will be automatically sent to your phone.

Join a network of aquabike enthusiasts who share the same enthusiasm for connected aquatic training.

Share your successes, motivate each other, and experience a unique sense of camaraderie and self-improvement. My Aqua Fit offers more than just a connected kit; it's a true fitness companion for your aquabiking journey.

Technical Specifications
Smartphone Holder IP67 Waterproof
Sensor IP68 Waterproof
Speedometer IP67 Waterproof
Heart Rate Armband IP67 Waterproof
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