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Aquabike Falcon private public pools

Aquajogg Air

The lightest treadmill with side bars


A light and secure fitness equipment

Ideal for physiotherapists and thalassotherapy centers wishing to offer their clients secured cardio and reinforcement workouts in complete safety thanks to the treadmill's side bars. Gently and smoothly work out balance, reathletisation and endurance.

The comfort of the treadmill has been designed for barefoot and everyday use.

The Aquajogg Air aquatic treadmill is the first aquafitness equipment that uses an anodized aluminium structure as well as removable side bars. Light and safe, this aquatic treadmill offers a complete solution for people requiring physical rehabilitation.

The innovative folding system makes it a compact equipment to be stored and the silicone wheels make it easier to launch without marking the floor.


  • + 25µm anodized T6 aluminium structure
  • + Removable side bars
  • + Adjustable resistance
  • + 13° incline
  • + "Easy Push" opening system


Metallic parts
Wearing parts
Main Features

aluminium structure

With its aluminium range, Waterflex introduces a new dimension to aquafitness: a featherweight aquabike with which organising a training course becomes a breeze.

Aluminium is a metal issued from quality alloys. T6 aluminium that Waterflex uses is of premium quality. It is mainly composed of a magnesium and silicon alloy that can be anodized in order to protect it against corrosion.

To reinforce its resistance to corrosion, Waterflex aluminium range is anodized at a strength of 25µm, meaning a Class 25 for industrial use. n. Its high anti-corrosion capacities are an important advantage in terms of resistance to humidity and water.

Removable side bars

The Aquajogg Air is equipped with side bars providing more safety for the user. These bars are essential for the recovery work during physical rehabilitation phases. As the exercises progress, the sidebars can be removed.

When storing the Aquajogg Air, the side bars fold together with the treadmill for compact equipment that is easy to handle and store.

13° incline

The AquaJogg treadmill is inclined at 13 °, an angle designed to promote good foot positioning and optimal running movement.

"Easy Push" opening system

The AquaJogg is equipped with a quick storage system to facilitate its installation. Just at the push of a lever, the AquaJogg unfolds and folds up. This aquatic treadmill is easily moved; it can be moved in and out of the water without any difficulty.

Technical characteristics
Reference WX-AQUAJOGG2
Quality Aluminium Tech
Finishes Anodization
Tread belt Running surface L38 x W118 cm
Min. dimensions L 62 x W 56 x H 128 cm
Max. dimensions L 135 x W 67 x H 128 cm
Weight 25.8 kg
Water depth 1.10 m to 1.50 m
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