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Aquabike Lanabike Evo chrono kcal private pools

Lanabike Evo

The most fun home training aquabike


Aqua Home Training

With the Lanabike Evo, Waterflex revolutionizes aquabike practising in a private swimming pool.

The Aqua Double Speed pedalling system on this aquabike provides a hydraulic resistance suited to cardio exercises while preserving joints health.

Equipped with an anodized aluminium structure, the Lanabike Evo is easy to handle for the person wishing to enjoy her/his swimming pool and keep fit. This aquabike is accessorized with a comfort saddle, a bottle holder and an insulated water bottle making it a pool bike with complete comfort ready for a fun cardio session./p>

Aqua Double Speed pedals
Designed in Aluminum and Stainless steel, ADS pedals incorporate a folding flap mounted on a hinge. It unfolds and locks in a single gesture and increases the hydraulic resistance by 54%. You can amplify your cardio session.


  • + Hydraulic resistance
  • + Sacrificial anode
  • + Draining effect
  • + Aqua Double Speed pedals
  • + Saddle and handlebars adjustable in height
  • + Fast water drainage
  • + Barefoot use


Metallic parts
Wearing parts
Main Features

aluminium structure

With its aluminium range, Waterflex introduces a new dimension to aquafitness: a featherweight aquabike with which organising a training course becomes a breeze.

Aluminium is a metal issued from quality alloys. T6 aluminium that Waterflex uses is of premium quality. It is mainly composed of a magnesium and silicon alloy that can be anodized in order to protect it against corrosion.

To reinforce its resistance to corrosion, Waterflex aluminium range is anodized at a strength of 25µm, meaning a Class 25 for industrial use. n. Its high anti-corrosion capacities are an important advantage in terms of resistance to humidity and water.

aqua double speed pedals

Amplify your cardio session.

These ultra-innovative pedals use a new technology to increase resistance for even more sport. The lateral flap folded under the pedal offers ideal resistance at warm-up stage. To boost your training, unfold the flap in order to widen the area in contact with the water and double your effort.

The flap locks in a single movement and increases the Aqua Double Speed pedal hydraulic resistance by 54%.

aquabike category: cardio

Cardio category Waterflex aquabikes have hydraulic resistance at the pedals. Equipped with one of two types of pedals - Aqua Double Speed or Aqua Happy Pedal - these pool bikes with gentle resistance are perfectly suited to individuals who want to practice a sport on a daily basis while preserving their joints.

The ease of use of Cardio aquabikes also make them a favorite with hotels and thalassotherapy centers that can offer this mode of fitness to their customers in complete safety.

anode sacrificielle
Sacrificial anode

Its composition resulting from Zinc alloy acts through electropositivity and early oxydation to protect the frame and metal parts.

drainage express
Express drainage

A perforation system strategically placed along the aquabike's frame helps to express drainage of the water. The bike is easily removed from the swimming pool in a few seconds.

roues en silicone
Silicone wheels and suction cups

Silicone wheels and suction cups make it easy to move the aquabike while ensuring great stability during exercise, without marking the floor.

Insulated water bottle
Bottle holder
Comfort saddle
Technical characteristics
Reference WX-LANA2-OR
Quality Aluminium Tech T6
Finishes Anodization
Min. dimensions (closed) L 96 x W 55 x H 120 cm
Weight 9.9 kg
Water depth 1.10 m to 1.60 m