Who we are

Waterflex is a French brand born between the Mediterranean and Provence in 2011.

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Waterflex in a few words

Waterflex supports professionals by designing a range of aquafitness equipment to meet the needs of facility managers. We offer the largest spectrum of water resistances with aquabikes equipped with hydraulic or mechanical (spinning type) fixed or variable resistance and various intensities - gentle, moderate or high.

The advantage of this broad offer is to enable you to personalize your training and best adapt the effort to the capacity of the user and thus to the needs of each and everyone, in a private or public swimming pool. The great adaptability of the settings also provides for a wide range of exercises with quick results and recognized performance.

Our Quality Charter

Convinced that quality can go with competitive pricing, Waterflex is committed to every player in the sector and demonstrate reliability at all times. Numerous quality controls take place at manufacturing plants and particular attention is given to the way every equipement is packed to ensure you safe delivery.

Because quality is our very concern, every step from manufacturing to packaging is checked by our quality control department in order to respect every specification imposed upon Waterflex. A team of experts ensures the control on 100% of our production.