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Aquabike Falcon private public pool

Wx-Tramp Premium

Aquatic jumping

stainless steel

Bounce with pleasure

The aquatic trampoline can be used for rehabilitation, aquatraining or as a family activity. Recover good physical condition, better stability and greater movement coordination through bouncing.

The WX tramp honeycomb jumping mat was selected to ensure the best possible bounce, thanks to a smoother movement of water. Its technical fibres offer durability, permeability and possibility to use barefoot.

The WX Tramp is available in two versions: round and hexagonal.

The hexagonal shape has especially been studied for minimum space use in small swimming pools. This shape also piles up more easily for storage.


  • + Honeycomb jumping mat
  • + Reinforced seams
  • + Great stability
  • + Independent bungees


Metallic parts
Wearing parts
Main Features

Individual bungees

The elastics which stretch the canvas over the structure of the WX-Tramp are all independent of each other. With this type of construction, each elastic can be easily replaced.

The attachments from the elastics to the jumping mat have been specially designed to promote rebound.

Jumping mat

The WX-Tramp's jumping mat consists of a high resistance honeycomb fabric. This type of honeycomb fabric has a high capacity for relaxation and tension creating the necessary rebound force and promoting the durability of the equipment.

The seams all along the canvas are doubled and reinforced to improve their strength and the longevity of the WX-Tramp.


The feet of the WX-Tramp have stabilizing suction cups. With pressure, these fix and stabilize the aquatic trampoline to the bottom of the pool.

The WX-Tramp remains attached to the pool floor regardless of the force of the rebound.

The silicone material of the suction cups protects the pool lining from any risk of marking.

Technical characteristics
Shape Ronde Hexagonale
Dimensions Diam. 101 cm x H 34 cm Diam. 112 cm x H 34 cm
Quality AISI 304 stainless steel structure
Weight 6.3 kg
Max. charge 100 kg
Water depth 1.20 m to 1.70 m
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