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Aquabike Falcon private public swimming pools


Aquatic treadmill

stainless steel

New aquatic activity

Discover the new trend: the aquatic treadmill. With enhanced fluidity of movement, the AquaJogg combines both the benefits of water lift and those of walking and running. A pure pleasure.

Whether with a group session or in your pool, you move at your own pace and work on your muscle building as well as your endurance. The Aquajogg is popular amongst physical therapists. The lifting effect of the water lightens up the weight of the body, bringing relief to the knees in walking and running sessions for greater joint comfort.

The AquaJogg is designed for everyday use. Its running pad made out of soft material allows barefoot use.

With the innovative "Easy Push" folding system, the AquaJogg folds easily right in the water. The wheels, which equip this aquatic treadmill, help with moving the equipment without marking the floor. It uses up little storage space.


  • + AISI 316L stainless steel
  • + Adjustable resistance
  • + 13° incline
  • + Large running surface
  • + Barefoot use
  • + "Easy Push" opening system
  • + Anti-corrosion treatment


Metallic parts
Wearing parts
Main Features

13° incline

The AquaJogg treadmill is inclined at 13 °, an angle designed to promote good foot positioning and optimal running movement.

"Easy Push" opening system

The AquaJogg is equipped with a quick storage system to facilitate its installation. Just at the push of a lever, the AquaJogg unfolds and folds up. This aquatic treadmill is easily moved; it can be moved in and out of the water without any difficulty.

Technical characteristics
Quality AISI 316L stainless steel
Finishes Brushed steel with anticorrosion treatment
Tread belt Running surface L38 x L118 cm
Min. dimensions L 62 x W 56 x H 128 cm
Max. dimensions L 135 x W 67 x H 128 cm
Weight 32 kg
Water depth 1.10 m to 1.50 m
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