Aqua Double Speed® Pedal

For aquabikes

The only pedal on the market with variable resistance!

Waterflex pedals are all compatible with all our aquabikes and are available as an option. Each model has been designed to offer ergonomical comfort for barefoot use.

ADS® pedals with innovative technology are made from aluminium and stainless steel. They are light and sturdy. To boost your training, unfold the lateral flap, which will widen the surface in contact with water. This will double your effort.

You will also appreciate their comfort when used barefoot.

Hydraulic force is felt through the duration of a training sessions and also through the intensity of the effort. Hydraulic resistance stimulates blood circulation. The water stirred with the leg movement creates a massaging effect through the lower body.


  • + Comfort foam lining
  • + Choice of two colours
  • + Barefoot use
  • + Increase resistance by 54%!
Technical characteristics
Type of pedal ADS®
Colours Orange Blue
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