Aquaboxing equipment


We sculpt his body with aquaboxing

Aqua-boxing is an energetic sport inspired by martial arts. It's a form of body combat practised in the water. This activity is ideal for water sports enthusiasts but also for all those who want to let off steam while (building muscle). This sport has many benefits because it lets you get in shape to music in a fun atmosphere. Above all, aquaboxing allows you to let off steam while building muscle without any danger to your joints. The advantage of this sport is that it is practised in water, so there is no risk of hurting yourself by making a wrong move. You can enjoy this at any age, at your own pace and according to your abilities: discover this new activity now!

To practise this activity in the pool, you will need to wear gloves and shin guards. Muscles involved: the abdominal wall, glutes, thighs, shoulders and arms. What are the effects? Aquaboxing improves cardio-vascular capacity and endurance, tones the chest, stretches the muscles... It has a drainage effect, thanks to the water massaging the whole body. And on top of that.


Shin guards

Very soft texture thanks to the use of non-irritating foam. The Velcro means they can be adjusted to all sizes for the best possible fit. They are specially designed for practising aquagym, re-education in water or hydrotherapy. The material increases water resistance and floatability to build muscle in the lower body.
Sold in pairs



Easy to use thanks to their original design. EVA foam for soft, comfortable contact. These gloves will help you build muscle without impact during your aquaboxing sessions or even at an aquabike class. They create water resistance to give the upper body a better workout.
Sold in pairs

Couleurs disponibles : Bleu, Jaune, Orange, Rouge

Available in Blue, Yellow, Orange, or Red