Product Sheet

Aquabike Lift

Universal lifting mast

Aquabike Lift

Universal lifting mast for Aquafitness equipment

The lifting mast designed for aqua-trainers. Mobile and effortless, the “Aquabike-Lift” will revolutionise the way you take your aquabikes out of the water. Compatible with all aquafitness equipment (treadmill, elliptical trainer, trampoline, etc.) it combines mobility, stability, safety and ease-of-use. Equipment that will simplify your life.

To move equipment effortlessly

Designed to simplify your life. The Aquabike Lift is a genuine revolution for the day-to-day use of your aquafitness equipment

Easy Fix system

Dual point Easy Fix attachment

The end of the mast is fitted with a dual point attachment system with hooks. This increases the stability of the loaded mast and guarantees correct attachment of your Aquafitness equipment.

Geared pulley

Geared pulleys

The Aquabike Lift is designed with the geared pulleys to simplify the leverage effect. This enables you to lift your equipment simply and effortlessly.


Locking System

Move the Aquabike Lift in total safety thanks to the "Locking System" that locks the mast when it is being moved.

Wheel locking

Wheel locking

Wheel locking provides additional security during handling of the Aquabike Lift at the edge of your pool. With one simple action, you just need to press with your foot to lock the wheel at the time you are handling it.


Max. height 2.27m
Max. width 2.30m
Base dimensions 53cm x 72cm
Use 1 person (2 recommended)
Weight 110kg
Max. loading weight 70kg
Materials Steel + anti-corrosion treatment epoxy paint
Warranty: 2 years
Quality certificate CE + TUV and compliant with European standard EN13197/IN - 1/10/2009

*Not approved for lifting people
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