Aquabiking training

Aquabiking has expanded exponentially to become in just a few years an essential activity of a pool’s operation. In an increasingly competitive climate, customers are looking for the most effective training and have higher and higher expectations. This is why it is vital for instructors to master this activity for which they have not been trained.

For whom?

Aquabiking training (on-site or with our instructor) applies not just to swimming teachers but to all fitness, swimming pool activity and healthcare managers and professionals who have or who are going to include this activity in their schedules.


Our goal is that you develop your skills in this specific activity as well as in leading all aquatic activities. We support you so that the setting up of this activity is successful and so that your aquatic space quickly becomes as profitable as possible. We can also advise you on commercial strategies to implement in line with your establishment and your local context.


The initial training that we have put in place breaks down into 3 main modules. Our trainers come to your site so that your activity leaders are operational as quickly as possible and so that your class schedule is disrupted as little as possible. The modules are based on theory and role-play:

  1. General knowledge

    • Mastery of specific knowledge: target audience, equipment, physiology, positions, exercises and variations, session profile and pool organisation.
  2. Relationship with music

    • Feeling the music: choosing songs, knowing how to identify and find your way around musical blocks.
    • Learning choreography: interest, technique.
    • Matching exercises to the music.
  3. Leadership.

    • Means of communication.
    • Voice placement: on exercises, on the group, on the music. Talking to a group to carry it with you.
    • Leadership: presence, contact, knowing how to make a class lively and how to involve people in the session.
    • Connecting: the key to a “good class”.

Advanced training

To supplement the initial training, we can organise advanced training courses with your team to refine your leaders’ techniques.
These training days allow us to go into detailed actions that make the difference in running a class and a season.

Continuous monitoring concept

This is the ultimate support!
Sessions are sent directly to you on various platforms and leaders are monitored throughout the programme. This is the best way to launch your classes and is sure to create team uniformity and carry the team with you onwards and upwards.
Please contact us for more detailed information