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WR4 aquabike

The Sport aquabike

WR4 aquabike

New Design, New Innovations

The WR4 aquabike combines the appeal of its design with technical innovations to simplify its use and redesigned ergonomics , all with a lightness that users highly value.
The wide range of settings offers a variety of positions that improves comfort and sensations by respecting joints. The biomechanics of pedalling is respected to adjust training and exercises to the constraints of each person’s size and build (see ERGO RIDE Innovation). You work out safely.

Use: Sport
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Aquapalm 2

New Aquapalm 2 system

The WR4’s “Aquapalm 2” system comprises 4 blades in a reworked design to enhance performance. The bucket shape offers additional support on the water and increased resistance; this hydraulic resistance system can be adjusted by the user by rotating each of the blades from the sitting position. This technical improvement has appealed to sports clubs, physiotherapists and thalassotherapists.

7 muscle groups

7 muscle groups

The WR4 allows you to work on endurance, keep your shape, work on the cardiovascular system and on respiratory capacity. It offers complete and effective training that calls upon the7 muscle groups: essentially, the quadriceps,calves and harmonious toning of thebuttocksthighs and abdominals, as well as the top of the body. This helps to hone and tone the figure.

AquaSpeed 2

New AquaSpeed 2 pedals

The WR4 is fitted with newAQUASPEED 2 thermo-moulded pedals, with a more anatomical shape and fixed straps (36 to 44). They accentuate the resistance effect by reinforcing forward and backward pedalling. It is always used barefoot for greater comfort.

New Sport handlebars

New Sport handlebars

Thanks to the new handlebar design, the WR4 offers three different training positions to suit everybody’s needs: a standard option, a road bike option and a challenging race position. The positions are more natural, with handling made easier for maximum comfort, particularly in the race position.

Superior Ergonomics

Superior ergonomics

The distance between feet and saddle has been reduced for a more realistic sensation and in order for the aquabiker to feel more as one with their equipment. Biomechanics have been respected in order for each person to be in tune with their anatomy.


Reference Marking

Maximum user comfort has been achieved through the introduction of new reference marks, allowing the position of the saddle and handlebars to be changed without disturbing the cyclist. Accurate setting of the position is guaranteed by 0.5mm graduated markers.

Fast Drainage

Fast Drainage

Thanks to the new perforation system, WR4 provides fast water drainage. This technical innovation is unrivalled and revolutionary, lightening your aquabike tomake it easier to get out of the pool.

Fast Drainage

Sacrificial Anode

A sacrificial anode is fitted to the WR4 to protect it from corrosion. The anode is made out of a softer metal that will corrode in its place and afford it maximum protection in salt water or saline-chlorinated water.


Material: 100% marine quality stainless steel (AISI 316L)
Finish: Brushed steel with corrosion protection treatment
Resistance: Non-modifiable resistance thanks to the AquaSpeed 2 pedal design
Saddle:  Perforated PVC, anatomical design, comfortable to sit on and easy to maintain
Pedals: Stainless steel ball bearings and sealing rings
Pedals In non-slip EVA, perfectly adapted for barefoot use
Handlebars: Ergonomic design with non-scratch handles
Adjustable In height and in depth of the handlebars and saddle, in front of and behind overlaps
Wheels: Stainless steel ball bearings on white non-scratch wheels, easy movement
Stability: White non-scratch stability pads
Coating: Adapted to all coatings (liner, PVC, tiles, shell, polyester, etc.)
Water type: Suitable for thermal water, seawater and chlorinated water
Tightening: Innovative click & turn system for a vertical position, prevents injury
Weight: 22.6kg
Min. dimensions closed L 94cm x W 55cm x H 116cm
Max. dimensions open L 122cm x W 55cm x H 153cm
Depth: 1.10m to 1.50m
Warranty: 3 years for the metal frame, 6 months’ parts wear and tear

Ergo Ride

Ergo Ride

Gaining a better understanding of thebiomechanics of pedalling allows the aquabiker to optimise their movement in order to achieve better performance,avoid certain pathologies and adjust their training through the design of adapted exercises, in order to improve certain parameters such as strength, speed and coordination. This is the reason why WATERFLEX , in conjunction with its R&D team and its partners (coach and physio), has developed a Pro aquabike range redesigned to be more in line with the biomechanics or constraints of the aquabiker. This new range has the benefit of ERGO RIDE technology, with specially designed ergonomics to optimise the biomechanics of pedalling and respect each person’s anatomy by reducing the constraints.

100% Stainless steel


All our equipment is designed in high-quality AISI 316L stainless steel, with anticorrosion protection treatment in accordance with prevailing international standards.

CE Certification

CE Certification

Waterflex aquafitness equipment is compliant with the European standard on general product safety 2001/95 CE-EN 957-1.


Warranty 3 years

The 3-year guarantee includes all metal parts and 6 months’ wear and tear.

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