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Wx-Tramp Premium

Aquatic Jumping


Bounce with pleasure

Equipment that can be used for re-education, aqua training or at home with the family. Versatile and can be used from 7 to 77 years of age unless indicated otherwise. It allows you to obtain greater coordination, balance and physical condition, whilst having fun.

Use: Sport
Zoom Falcon
Poolbar platform

Independent bungees

These bungees have been selected to provide a supple bounce as well as progressiveness in movement thanks to their extension capability. Maximum safety in the event of a break, since each bungee is independent. Selection of flexible bungees of medium tension for fitness training with frequent high jumps, adapted to a user weight of up to 100kg.



As an option, this stabilisation accessory or exercise support makes it safe for beginners and classes. Designed in AISI 304 marine stainless steel, with uniaxial attachment and simple locking on the base of your trampoline. Compatible on both models.

Suction stabiliser


The 6 suction pads in non-slip silicone guarantee very high stability during use. These white stabilisers do not mark the floor of your swimming pool. Adapted to all floor coverings (liner, tiles, etc.)


Jumping mat

The honeycomb structure jumping mat has been selected to guarantee the best bounce possible thanks to fluid passage of water. Technical fibres offer durability and permeability for precision in your jumps and optimised exercise. Barefoot use recommended

Suction stabiliser

Hexagonal shape

Unique 100% stainless steel tubular hexagonal structure, specially designed to offer high-level training. Movements are made easier to allow exercises with greater variations. Furthermore, they can be easily stacked for easy and quick storage and to save the maximum amount of space.


Anti-corrosion 100% AISI 304 marine quality stainless steel handrail
Equipment Handrail
Models Round Hexagonal
Dimensions: diam. 101cm x H 34cm 112cm x H 34cm
Weight 6.3kg 6.3kg
Water depth 1.30m to 1.50m
Stability: Attachment suction pads
Warranty: 2 years for metal parts. 6 months for wear and tear parts

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